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7 JivoSite Tricks You May Not Know About

1. Applications from different channels – in one window

Response speed is a rule of good form. Did a client write to you on VKontakte? Have you asked for prices in Odnoklassniki? Want to know Facebook delivery terms and conditions? Don’t waste your time checking messages and downloading apps. Connect additional communication channels to your online consultant.

Integration takes five minutes. Go to the admin panel, click on “Manage” and then on “Add a communication channel”.

Pre-authorize in social networks under those accounts that are associated with your groups. After that, click on the icons and follow the simple instructions.

Once connected, you will be presented with a list of groups available for your account. Select the one you want.

Done. Now all messages that will be left by users in your groups will be sent to the operator in JivoSite.

When the operator writes a response, the client will receive a new message directly on social networks. The faster your response rate, the better. A nice bonus with active VKontakte communication – the client will see that the average response time is 1-5 minutes.

You can also configure the receipt of letters from general mail in the JivoSite window – and quickly learn about all incoming requests.

Emails will be shared between operators along with chats from the site, from social networks and messengers. It’s easy to set up – you need to enable forwarding in your mail service.

2. Answer right in Yandex search

Imagine: you urgently need something to clarify on a new service. You open Yandex and start searching. We saw ten new firms. Which one will you choose? One with an attractive headline and offer. And the one that has an online consultant with an operator’s response time. To get an answer to a question, you do not have to go to the site – the answer will come directly to the search page.

To enable this option, go to the “Management” section, and then click on “Add communication channel”. Select Yandex.

In order for a chat with customers to appear in Yandex search results, you need to go through setup and moderation in Yandex.Dialogues. Do not forget to copy your channel ID, which will be displayed in JivoSite during integration.

On average, the moderation process takes three days.

But it can also be removed. For example, due to the wrong channel name. Don’t repeat our mistakes! You can find out detailed recommendations in the instructions.

But the work doesn’t end there. Yandex will periodically send you checks – automatic messages. Reply to them as quickly as possible, as this affects the display of the response time in your chat in search.

3. Payment via chat

“Accepting payments in chat” is available in the Pro version. You can connect integration with Yandex.Checkout or Tinkoff Bank. The operator does not need to constantly check the status of the payment, switching between the CRM system and the mail, in the chat he immediately sees the bill is paid or not.

To connect this function, you must be a legal entity or individual entrepreneur.

Invoicing takes less than a minute. See how it works.

4. Integration of CRM from the list of available ones or by API

JivoSite stores correspondence for two months, if you care about building a customer base or you have a long transition period from an application to a sale, then save all data and correspondence in CRM.

An online consultant recommends seventeen CRM systems. But this is not the limit – there is also API integration. How to do it – read the instructions.

5. Call and letter reminders

Punctuality is part of the service. If you promised to write and call, then do it on time. It is enough to set yourself a reminder right in the system.

The message will appear on the appointed day and time. Then you can complete the task or set a new reminder.

6. All spammers are blacklisted

Don’t want to load the operators with empty dialogues and rudeness of schoolchildren? Just put one tick in the settings. And the operator, when contacting a spammer, needs just two clicks in the chat – on the “Spam” button and to confirm his action.

7.Moscow – Moscow, Ryazan – Ryazan

Do you have several offices, but each of them has its own consultant? No problem. You can set up different chat windows for different countries and areas. They can be with different operators and settings. To do this, select the regions, specify the regions and countries for them, and then go to the “Sites” page in the settings, set the settings and assign operators.

Standard in using an online consultant

Go through our checklist and see if you are using your online consultant effectively.

  1. The system is configured on the site, displayed in certain sections (with products, with settings, with a description of delivery and payment – wherever the client has additional questions).
  2. The JivoSite window is configured so that it does not overlap phones, contacts, order forms on either the mobile or the desktop version of the site.
  3. The operator – a specialist in the sales and / or technical support department – understands the products and services of the company, knows what and where is posted on the site, and answers customer requests during working hours.
  4. JivoSite is customized for your corporate identity or site style.
  5. The operator has uploaded his real photo, uses his real name, communicates politely, competently and efficiently.
  6. The greeting in the system is set up for your site, not a template “Hello, what can I tell you?”.
  7. You use active invitations, but smartly – the window appearance time is adjusted based on the behavior of new customers on your site.
  8. The chat integrates messages from social networks and mail.
  9. Your company has offices in several areas. There are different sales departments – and the consultant employs regional operators. Requests for them are distributed automatically.
  10. You form a customer base for inclusion in mailings, have integrated with a CRM system (via API or have chosen from the recommended list).
  11. You issue invoices to clients not only through a CRM system, but also through a consultant.
  12. You are using the “Callback” service.
  13. Spam requests do not distract the operator from work, he uses the “Black List” and does not accept messages from anonymous proxies.
  14. You analyze the statistics of calls, draw conclusions on the development of the site and improve customer service.
  15. You have already prepared letters – answers to offline and online customer messages by mail. A business presentation is attached to the letter, your contacts are in the signature.

If you have no time to configure the system, we are ready to help you with your work and go through all the stages of implementing an online consultant. WebCanape is the official partner of the JivoSite system. For everyone who ordered development and promotion services from us, the installation and configuration of a consultant is a gift.

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