Advantages and disadvantages of content management systems

Advantages and disadvantages of content management systems

Advantages and disadvantages of content management systems

Creating a website always involves a number of design options. Color palettes, logo options, navigation options are part of the process, and there are a number of other issues when deciding whether to use a content management system. A content management system is a means by which you can publish a website without having to know PHP, HTML, or be forced to FTP files using an FTP client.

A content management system may sound perfect to a new website owner and could be an ideal choice. Unfortunately, this is not the right choice for every site.

On both sides of the fencing (client and designer) are the benefits of using a content management system. Their use for both parties also has significant disadvantages. It is important for the website designer to discuss with the client how to help the client make a decision with which to live.

Pros content management systems

  • Larger companies may have multiple contributors and may track their contributions using a content management system. It streamlines the process.

  • Almost anyone can use content management systems to create new pages. Many web design clients are experts in their own fields, but may not be familiar with how to create content sites on the Internet. Most content management systems include a simple interface called the WSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get) that allows a client or one of its employees to create pages without knowledge of coding. This is a significant advantage at the expense of having to use the services of a webmaster.

  • Website maintenance costs can be drastically reduced by creating new content in the office, as opposed to paying administrators or developers to update the site.

Benefits for content management system developers

  • Many content management systems will have pre-built devices, widgets and plugins to streamline the development process.

  • Developers can design a site and often pass it on to the site owner without further involvement.

  • The web can grow faster with a content management system because it often contains coded solutions to common problems.

Disadvantages of content management systems

  • Content management systems require training and can be damaged if used incorrectly. A website that has been carefully designed and created can actually be broken by improper use of a CMS.

  • Content management systems require time to update. If your organization doesn’t have people with more time to update your site, then your content management system may be unused and unnecessary.

  • If you do not already have a responsive, computer-oriented person on your team’s website, additional training will be required to update it.

  • Using a content management system such as WordPress, Joomla! can hinder your search engine rankings. Just think about it, why would a search engine reward your site if your code is the same as a million other sites?

  • Popular content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla! they are often the target of spammers and hackers. Because almost anyone can download the code and look for gaps, security issues are inevitable. Not to mention that the popularity of these systems provides an excellent incentive for hackers. Hackers know that many platforms will use these platforms. So open one door and the others will open themselves.

Disadvantages of using a content management system for developers

  • The content management system will use more server resources as opposed to a static page, and this should be balanced.

  • Clients and developers don’t like the cost inflation caused by training expenses, but training may be necessary for the client to learn how to use the system effectively.

  • Bad text design is possible with a content management system. Designers work hard with writing and text to give websites a sense of smoothness and fluidity, and business owners pay for that polished, professional look. CMS editors can allow bad text design and destroy design paid for by the business owner.

As mentioned earlier, the benefits of using a content management system are balanced equally negatively, and the business owner will need to consider both parties before making this decision.

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