BC Web Design Agency provides assistance to local businesses

BC Web Design Agency provides assistance to local businesses

BC-based web design agency, BragDeal, provides financial relief to help local businesses get online

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Have you recently considered opening an e-commerce store? Or have you been trying to transfer your business online for a while now but can’t quite get your online store off the ground?

Well, if you are a British Columbia based business, moving online is much easier and more affordable.

BragDeal Inc., a BC-based web design agency, is stepping up to help local businesses switch from personal to online. The BC government has implemented a financing program to help companies set up their e-commerce stores, and BragDeal is offering a $ 1,000 discount on their services to anyone who comes to them with this grant.

The Launch Online Grant program is a nationwide initiative that manages grants to small and medium-sized businesses to get their activities online ASAP. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our world drastically, and no one knows it better than local business owners. Switching to an online business model is one of the safest and most sustainable ways to spur business growth and boost the economy, the BC government knows, and they are stepping in to help.

Withdrawal of this amazing grant, BragDeal is offering their services at a reduced rate to help local businesses with the transition.

So here’s what you need to know, the Launch Online Grant program pays for up to 75% of eligible expenses up to a maximum of $ 7,500 per month. Corporation. Eligible expenses include services such as platform and website development, online content writing, e-commerce platform subscriptions (up to 1 year), digital marketing, staff training to manage the online store and more!

Because this program is intended to stimulate BC’s finances and support local businesses, grant money must be used to hire BC-based businesses to develop the online store. BragDeal, one of Vancouver’s best web development agencies, tells other BC companies that they are here to help. With their top team of developers, designers, coders and writers, founder and CEO Dan B. wants its customers to know “this is a great opportunity to get things done online and we are willing to help it to happen. ”

For businesses that have been struggling to get their online store off the ground or have been dreaming of the switch for a while now and have not been able to pull the trigger, this is your time!

With 75% of your costs covered and the additional $ 1000 discount services provided by BragDeal, you get the best e-commerce store up and running for a fraction of the price. In these troubled times, any financial relief is a blessing, and this deal is almost too good to go by.

Over the last few years, many companies have slowly switched to partially online, recognizing its many benefits, but the events surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic have accelerated the demand for this shift. Unfortunately, this transition has left many large local businesses struggling to keep up. Changing a business model and moving online is expensive and has a learning curve. Just another reason why this grant is so amazing – you can spend the money to rent out services that you might otherwise be left with yourself.

Hiring a web design agency takes almost all the stress off your shoulders because the top website development teams will cover everything from web design to copywriting to marketing and advertising. BragDeal even creates personal branding and video animations, and of course, they create your amazing e-commerce store. No need to worry about maximizing SEO or crafting the perfect UX, the best web design agencies in BC take care of all this and ensure you get the focus on what you love, your business and your clients.

BragDeal is doing their part to help alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with setting up an online store and expanding into new markets and customers, but what else do you need to know about these $ 7,500 provided by BC -the government?

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The BC government, working with local non-profit foundation Alacrity Canada, hopes to provide immediate funding to at least 1,500 BC-based businesses. Grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to all qualified applicants until all funds have been used up. Here is an overview of the application process.

Step 1 – Develop a grant proposal that has a detailed overview of how you plan to use the funds. For example, you need to specify how much money goes to the development of the online store, how much goes to advertising and marketing, and how much goes to employee training costs.

Step 2 – Fill out the online application showing that you are eligible to apply for the grant and submit your proposal from step 1.

Step 3 – Applicants will be contacted within 3 weeks with the result of their application.

All eligibility criteria can be found in The Launch Online Grant Program Guide, but some notable eligibility criteria include:

  • The company applying for the grant is owned by a resident of BC and the primary activities are located in BC
  • The company currently operates, is registered in BC and pays tax in BC
  • The company does not currently have an online store or has an online store that does not have more than three of the five features:
    1. Customer registration and information security features
    2. Shopping cart and capacity for order handling
    3. Payment processing options including application of appropriate taxes and shipping costs at time of booking
    4. Product catalog, search and stock status
    5. Website analytics and reporting features

In addition to these eligibility criteria, the funds must be used within 12 weeks, with the company ready to start and close their online store within the same time. And finally, as we mentioned above, the funds should be used to hire BC-based companies to develop your e-commerce store. With this information in mind, it is crucial to hire a professional web design agency that can handle the workload and fast turnaround time. Twelve weeks will go fast, but experienced web design companies are equipped to work with high demands in cramped windows.

For more information on the Launch Online Grant program offered by Alacrity and the BC government, check out their website and for questions about BragDeal and some of the amazing web development services we offer, do not hesitate to contact us! BragDeal offers a professional and personal approach to business and web design and will ensure that your online store is everything you have dreamed of and more.

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