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Business promotion through Google maps, Yandex services and 2GIS

According to the company, more than 6 million people use Yandex maps every day in Russia, and there are other popular mapping applications, for example, from Google and 2GIS. Perhaps, every smartphone owner has these applications installed and in demand. This is a huge audience.

Map users not only create routes, but also search for commercial information: from the nearest grocery store to a hotel in another part of the country. And if the business is not on the cards, then consider that it has lost money.

Any company should be on the cards

I believe that any business should be registered on cards, even one that does not involve communicating with clients in the office.

The main reason is the ability to consistently attract potential customers, for free or with an additional budget for promotion. Our client – a hotel in Smolensk – receives 5-6 applications from cards weekly. Another company that is engaged in the installation of plastic windows in Moscow, placement in the cards every week brings from 20 to 30 applications.

In addition, the presence on the maps will provide:

  • convenient search not only for clients, but also for partners, for example, couriers;
  • the ability to receive feedback from customers;
  • verification of the telephone number for users who have automatic telephone number identifiers;
  • additional links to the site, which is important for site optimization for Yandex and Google search engines;
  • geo-referencing of the site in Google and Yandex, which helps to increase the position of the site in the search results in a particular region;
  • displaying a link to the company’s profile in contextual advertising, which enlarges the ad itself and allows the client to call the company, bypassing the website.

Popularity of business categories searched for on Yandex.Maps (2018 data)

By default, we register client companies in Google Maps, Yandex.Maps, 2GIS. The latter is much more popular than others in the eastern part of the Russian Federation. In addition, I advise you to register with all popular services like Zoon, Tripadvisor, etc.

Fill out the company card in as much detail as possible

All three services make it possible to post information about the company for free, and this should be used to the maximum: fill in all the fields that can be filled out. The more you write about a company, the more noticeable it can become among competitors.

The profile looks bigger and more informative thanks to photos, prices and publications, which are optionally added

What should be specified in the company profile:

  • The name of the company. If possible, add key phrases, for example, “plastic windows Rehau” or “apartments in the center” – with them, the company card will be better searched in the card search;
  • an interesting description of the company with the use of key phrases;
  • Company `s logo;
  • photos of an office or an object outside and inside – this will help the user navigate the area and find an office;
  • product photos;
  • photographs of personnel, they increase the credibility of the company;
  • photographs of licenses and certificates, which also contribute to the formation of trust in the organization;
  • addresses;
  • requisites;
  • all contact information, including links to social networks and instant messengers;
  • information about working hours;
  • link;
  • categories of services provided;
  • prices for goods and services;
  • data on payment options;
  • discounts and promotions.

Try to add good quality photos that show the best side of the company.

As a rule, in your personal account there is a profile filling indicator. Reach 100%.

Profile fill indicator

Work with reviews

Reviews are one of the most important criteria for making decisions about the purchase of a product or service. There is more trust in reviews on map services than on a company’s website or review services – credibility points to Yandex and Google are added.

Your job is to make sure that these reviews appear. For this:

  • ask customers to leave reviews by voice, in mailings, in instant messengers;
  • Place map services widgets on the site;
  • track new reviews;
  • say “thank you” for the good reviews;
  • be sure to respond to negative reviews.

Respond to reviews

A good motivator for leaving reviews can be some kind of additional bonus for the client, for example, a discount, a souvenir, etc.

Use paid promotion

If the business involves visiting your office or retail outlet (store, hairdresser, notary, hotel, restaurant, etc.), then additional paid advertising on maps can bring good results. In our experience, often, leads from such ads turn out to be much cheaper and, moreover, more converting. For example, in the context of plastic windows, a lead from the context costs 900 rubles, and from cards – 750 rubles.

The possibility of additional advertising promotion is available in 2GIS and Yandex.Maps services. In Google Maps, ads are launched when you set up a search campaign in Google Ads. When ordering such a service, a business has the opportunity to stand out from competitors due to a special, more prominent icon, appear higher in the list and add various advertising messages to your card: text ads or banners.

Priority placement on Yandex.Maps

Priority placement in 2GIS

Connect online booking and booking services

In Yandex Maps and 2GIS, you can connect online booking services and a map visitor can become your client. This function is available for:

  • car services;
  • clinics and medical centers;
  • restaurants and cafes;
  • food delivery;
  • beauty salons and barbershops;
  • hotels and hotels.

Booking service in the company card on Yandex.Maps

This option can be configured both through internal service modules (for example, Yandex.Business), and through third-party paid services: YClients, GBooking, Afisha.Restorany, Yandex.Eda, Docdoc and others.

Update data

During the first antiquity measures, Yandex added the ability to specify an updated operating mode and automatically set the status of “not working” to many companies. For many companies, this came as a big surprise. Therefore, be sure to follow the relevance of information about the company on the maps and promptly make changes to the profiles.

Companies that monitor the relevance of data can be highlighted with special marks, for example, Yandex marks them like this: “The owner monitors the relevance of information.”

Track statistics

Each of the services allows you to view statistics for the organization: from simple analytics of the number of views to comparing the attendance of your organization with competitors.

It is also possible to track the number of calls from cards. To do this, you can either use your own separate telephone number, or use replacement numbers of map services for a fee.

Small and medium-sized businesses use Google, Yandex and 2GIS maps to help attract customers. If you want to increase sales, then be sure to use our advice.

Material source: https://ppc.world/articles/zachem-biznesu-profil-v-kartah-google-yandeksa-i-2gis-i-kak-poluchat-ottuda-klientov/

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