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Internet and social networks in Russia in 2021 – all statistics

You can find out global data on the state of the digital industry in the world as a whole and for individual countries from our report “All statistics of the Internet and social networks for 2021 – numbers and trends in the world and in Russia.” Here we provide data only for the Russian segment of the Internet, social networks, applications and mobile connections in Russia.

Brief summary of Russia for 2021

  • Population. As of January 2021, the population of the Russian Federation is 145.9 million. Of these, 53.6% are women and 46.4% are men (the United Nations does not publish data on other genders). 74.9% of the population of the Russian Federation lives in cities, and 25.1% in rural areas.
  • The Internet. At the beginning of 2021, there are 124 million Internet users in Russia. In the period from 2020 to 2021, the number of Internet users in the Russian Federation increased by 6.0 million (+ 5.1%), and the level of Internet penetration in Russia is 85.0%.
  • Social networks. In January 2021, there were 99 million social media users in the Russian Federation; over the past year, the audience of social networks grew by 4.8 million (+ 5.1%). Important: the indicators for the number of users of social networks do not correlate with the number of unique Internet users who are registered in social networks.
  • Using the Internet from mobile devices. In January 2021, there were 228.6 million mobile devices in Russia with Internet access. The number of mobile connections in relation to the total population of Russia was 156.7%. However, many people have more than one mobile device with Internet access, so the number of mobile connections can exceed 100% of the total population.

How Russians use the Internet

How much time do Russians spend on the Internet

The average Russian Internet user spends 7 hours and 52 minutes on the Internet every day. This is almost an hour more than the world average – 6 hours 54 minutes. At the same time, Russians spend 3 hours 13 minutes on television, 2 hours 28 minutes on social networks, and 55 minutes to read the press (online and print media are taken into account). Online radio is slightly inferior to music streaming services – 47 minutes versus 41 minutes. And users in Russia spend 21 minutes a day on podcasts.

The most popular websites in Russia

Yandex is the most popular site among Russian Internet users in December 2020 (2.71 billion monthly visits, according to SEMRUSH). It is followed by Google.com (1.39 billion visits), while Google.ru is at the 16th line with 131 million visits in December last year.

Most Popular Websites in Russia 2021

Curiously, there are more women among yandex.ru users in Russia (51.9%), and google.com is more popular among men (57.4%). The breakdown between mobile and desktop users is approximately the same – mobile devices in both search engines account for about 30% of traffic in Russia.

Share of traffic by device and audience on websites in Russia 2021

Searching habits of Russians

At the beginning of 2021, 98.4% of surveyed Internet users from Russia said they had used search engines in the last 30 days. At the same time, 42% first of all turn to social networks when they need to find information about a brand.

Search behavior of Russians in 2021

Mobile Internet in Russia

At the beginning of 2021, 111.3 million Russians use the Internet on a mobile phone. This is almost 90% of all Internet users in Russia. People between the ages of 16 and 64 spend 3 hours 29 minutes a day on the Internet from their mobile phones.

Mobile Internet users in Russia 2021

In the entire volume of web traffic in Russia, 26% of web pages are downloaded from mobile phones (73.9% from Android), 72.9% are downloaded from PCs and laptops, 1.1% of web traffic is downloaded from tablets, and other devices – 0.02%.

Web traffic by device in Russia 2021

Web traffic from mobile devices in Russia 2021

Google Chrome is the most actively used – it is responsible for 65.5% of web traffic in Russia at the beginning of 2021, showing an increase of 9.3% compared to last year’s data. Also in the top three Safari and Opera with 8.6% and 5,% of the volume of web traffic, respectively.

Popular web browsers in Russia 2021

Social media statistics in Russia at the beginning of 2021

Today there are 99 million social media users in Russia. This is 4.8 million more than at the beginning of last year. At the same time, 95.1% (94.15 million) of them go to social networks from mobile. It is curious that an average Internet user in Russia has 7.3 accounts in social networks. This is probably due to the fact that many create several accounts for work, communication, use different platforms. For work purposes, social networks are used by 32% of respondents.

Behavior of Russians on social networks 2021

The most popular social platform among Russians is YouTube – 85% of Internet users aged 16 to 64 use this network. VKontakte is popular with 78%.

The most popular social networks in Russia 2021

The active audience in the Russian segment on VKontakte at the beginning of 2021 is 74 million people, 54.7% of them are women, and 45.3% are men. For comparison, the Russian part of Facebook’s advertising audience has 8.9 million users. The ratio of men and women is about the same as in VK.

VKontakte in Russia in 2021

Facebook in Russia 2021

According to Instagram data at the beginning of 2021, the advertising audience of the social network covers 45.8% of the population of Russia over 13 years old. This is 3.7% (2 million users) more than a quarter earlier. At the same time, 60.7% of the Instagram audience in Russia are women, and 39.3% are men.

Instagram audience in Russia 2021

E-commerce in Russia at the beginning of 2021

The pandemic has severely impacted online shopping habits around the world. And today Russians are more actively using the Internet for shopping. Thus, 79.6% of Russian users (aged 16 to 64) are looking for goods and services on the Internet, 82.1% have visited an online store in the last month, and 60% of the surveyed users have bought something online. At the same time, 32.5% used a mobile phone for purchase.

E-commerce in Russia 2021

In terms of online spending, the most popular categories among Russians in 2021 are travel, electronics, fashion and beauty, furniture, toys and DIY products. Over the past year, the volume of purchases has, as expected, significantly decreased in the travel category – by 57%. But in other categories there is an increase.

Categories of online spending in Russia 2021

Growth in online shopping categories Russia 2021

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