Top 25 Fonts Popular for Websites by 2020

Top 25 Fonts Popular for Websites by 2020

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Today we’re talking about fonts – you may have thought of different fonts before, maybe not, no matter what, it’s coming to mind!

Fonts are responsible for the whole tone of your web page, they convey personality, can be used to enforce your message, evoke a mood and contribute to the overall aesthetics and feel of your work. It is far more than just a way to get the words out, font dictates how those words are read. Font enhances your business by enhancing your public image.

Whether you are looking for the best web design, going into branding or designing a logo, the chosen font will set the tone for your entire brand.

There is time and place for all fonts, and 2020 paves the way for some truly amazing! Design changes with trends and fonts are no different, some classic fonts never seem to go out of style, while some are perfect for a while and then disappear and sometimes make a comeback!

Below are some of the hottest fonts of 2020. The kind of fonts that designers dream of are guaranteed to increase your brand and get your customers’ attention.

1. Univers

As the name suggests, the Universe has long been a popular font! Although inspired by Akzidenz-Grotesque from 1898, the Universe was created in 1957 by Adrian Frutiger, in which he succeeded in creating a simple, versatile and recognizable font that remains popular and relevant decades later.

2. FF Meta

Designed by Erik Spiekermann, FF Meta has gained popularity over the past year. It uses simple letters, it is tight but leaves an open feeling.

Source: Behance

3. Mantra

An exciting new sans-serif font designed by Cynthia Torrez. The mantra uses a combination of clean lines with an organic feeling that moves through, giving the letters a sense of movement.

4. Minion

Minion is an old-fashioned font designed by Robert Slimbach and first released in 1990. This highly readable Renaissance-style font is making a big comeback in 2020.

Source: Monotype

5. Helvetica now

Helvetica Now promises everything we have come to love about the classic Helvetica with a modern twist. Tagged as “for everyone, everywhere, for everything” and we could not agree more, this versatile font is great for any design project in 2020.

6. Plantin

An old-fashioned serif, Plantin has a classic, rich texture and fantastic flow. The font was created in 1913 and there is a reason why it remained relevant, it is simple, clean and very aesthetically pleasing.

Source: MyFonts

7. Peignot

A classic French design that is making a comeback! Peignot was first launched in 1937, designed by Cassandre. It offers a funky mix of uppercase and lowercase letters with rounded edges. Perfect for graphic design that is guaranteed to set you apart!

8. Brandon Grotesque

Brandon Grotesque is a modern expression of an old classic sans serif face, and is a trendy new font for 2020. Designer Hannes von Döhren manages to find the perfect balance between delicate and bold and creates a versatile, easily accessible font.

Source: BeFonts

9. lazy hands

As the same suggests, Lazy Hands has a casual outlined feel that makes it perfect for branding and design. It offers a font with all the caps that are both casual and deliberate, a great combination for 2020 web design.

10. TT Norms Pro

One of the best selling geometric fonts around, TT Norms Pro is a great sense with 24 styles to choose from!

11. Untitled Sans

It does not get more readable than this font! Untitled Sense is a simple neo-grotesque sense that started in 2019 and we expect the course to continue in 2020.

Source: MyFonts

12. Avenir Next Pro

Avenir Pro is a bold and classic font from Lintotype and is a bestseller in 2019 and guaranteed to be on top throughout 2020. Avenir Next Pro is versatile and clean, making it a great choice for almost any project.

13. Supria Sans

Here we have another sharp font by Hannes von Döhren. Supria Sans is a simple, clean font that offers a playful, youthful look, while maintaining the strength and readability we have come to expect from Hanne’s work.

Source: Behance

14. Formula condensed

Formula Condensed is a bold font! It offers all the versatility of a grotesque, but it will be noticed. Formula Condensed demands your attention and keeps it there, making it a great choice for logo designers in 2020.

15. Visually

Created by Colophon, this font is thin and precise, making it great for professionals and students alike. The uniform line weight and sleek curves visually distinguish each other in the font world.

Source: AdobeFonts

16. Sweet sense

Sweet Sans is definitely a cute little sense! Mark van Bronkhorst’s design is inspired by antique letters and is both classic and modern and definitely a hit in 2020.

17. Sentinel

Hoefler & Co’s, delicate but bold, Sentinel is an absolutely beautiful font. It is a modern record serif that is guaranteed to add elegance to any design.

18. Futura PT

Published by ParaType, Futura PT is a sharp, uniform font that makes it an ideal candidate for students and artists. The font offers 22 styles and 8 condensed styles, making it even more versatile!

Source: CoType Foundry

19. Ambit

Inspired by early grotesque fonts, Ambit is an eccentric sans serif font with a welcoming feel. Ambit catches your attention with its unique curling letters that give a clear look, perfect for web design and branding.

20. Matrix

Matrice is a striking sans-serif font, influenced by grotesque fonts from the early 20th century. A good choice for logos, branding and headlines.

21. Nocturno-stencil

One of the more unique fonts on the list, Nocturno Stencil, designed by Nikola Djurek, is guaranteed to catch your attention. This font has a rhythm to give bold lines and open spaces. A great choice for branding and design due to its unique character, excellent readability and sharp details.

Source: Behance

22. Canceled

Perfect for minimalist design, the Void uses three-line weights throughout, giving it a hologram look. Is it there, is not it? While offering this playful illusion, it will still catch your attention with its stand-alone stoic look.

23. Panama

Designed by Roman Gornitsky in 2017, Panama is a serif font that almost reads like an old typewriter. It is clear and legible, while maintaining its individuality.

24. Mojita

Mojita is perhaps the most “niche” font on this list. Mojita was designed by Anthony James in 2019 and is inspired by Aztec and Japanese design and is really something special. It’s bold, eye-catching and a unique font, great for branding and logos.

Source: Behance

25. Popstick

We end this list with a really fun font! Popstick is one of those fonts that is similar to how it sounds. It is a rounded font that plays with shape, curve and weight. Although Popstick is not as versatile as some others on this list, it stands out, making it perfect for playful and modern web design by 2020.

There you have it, 25 fonts ranging from classic and versatile, to eye-catching and bold! They all have a place in design and we strongly believe that they will all have a place in the 2020 web design scene. Large cities like Vancouver take note of design trends and prioritize including them in their marketing to stay relevant and competitive. Today, it is important to understand what appeals to your key demographic and what is in line with consumer trends. Fonts are part of the larger design puzzle that will draw customers in and deliver your message. Vancouver web design is passionate about using fonts to increase brand recognition, and so should you!

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