Website corporate identity

The logo and general corporate identity of the company and, last but not least, its website (especially when it comes to a company seeking to make a profit, including through attracting an Internet audience), is an important component of your marketing efforts and, in fact, reputation the entire organization. After all, it is the creation of the corporate identity of your company and, accordingly, the product you offer can play almost a key role in the formation of one or another impression of your product or service even before the moment of their purchase.

Corporate identity that sells

What is the corporate identity? In general, it is a system of quick and, presumably, positive visual identification of your company / product / service by potential clients and partners. Not in the last place today in the business of creating a corporate identity is the now classic task of developing a logo and, of course, creating websites in a corporate style. By the way, do you know that in order to evaluate your site and make a decision to stay on it or leave, the user usually needs no more than 3 seconds?

The creation of a corporate identity, and a logo in particular, can and should also be part of the rebranding procedure, which (due to changing economic or political conditions, as well as for internal reasons) today many Russian companies are forced to resort to. And the results usually don’t show up very soon. Here are just a few well-known examples:

  • Just six months after the start of the rebranding procedure (the peak of costs for which was noted in November 2006), VTB Bank took 116th place in the world (in terms of equity capital). Compare with 122nd place at the start of the procedure. And according to the results of 2007, it moved up to 60th place.
  • According to some analysts, the redesign of the packaging and the creation of a new Danissimo logo led to a 15% increase in sales.
  • To the experts’ question “What factors will be important when choosing a restaurant to visit it for a business meeting” 72.3% of respondents gave the first place the “prestige” of the restaurant, and 56.9% mentioned the interior. However, if it was about visiting a restaurant or cafe with friends or for a romantic dinner, then only 14.9% of respondents indicated prestige.

However, even these examples show that professional and thoughtful logo and corporate identity creation can have a significant impact on growing your bottom line and attracting leads.

What does the creation of corporate identity for websites include?

The activity of the Internet agency “WebRost” is aimed at creating websites whose corporate style has such features as:

Website corporate identity

  • recognition;
  • memorability;
  • individuality;
  • uniqueness;
  • legal security.

The agency’s designers will create a project for your website, which will best convey the specifics of a particular industry, which means that it will fully meet all the expectations of customers, both current and potential.

At the same time, you will be able not only to preliminarily clarify your wishes for the color scheme and the future functionality of the site, but also to approve or adjust the intermediate results of the work of our designers, based on your own ideas about what the unique corporate style of your site should be.

All work is carried out in accordance with the contract terms and in professional graphic packages.

The work performed is provided to the client in electronic form in accordance with the contract (by e-mail, on CD or other media). Also, at your request, separate color printouts can be provided.

In the case of approval of the design project and technical specifications for the creation of a website in the chosen corporate style, as well as in the presence of an agreement for the development and creation of a website in our studio, experienced layout designers and programmers of the WebRost company are involved in the work.

Professional logo design

Website corporate identity

Already at the very initial stages of business development, it is advisable to think about the image of the brand, and, therefore, its trademark – the logo. This sign defines the image of the company, represents its essence and makes it easily recognizable for customers. The logo is intended to convey the non-triviality of the company. Therefore, the development of a logo is always a marketing ploy, with a huge amount of creativity. Internet agency “WebRost” successfully solves this problem for you.

Turning to us for help in creating a logo for a company, you can be sure of the best result!

Our experts will help you decide not only on a specific color scheme of the logo, but also on its type, stylistic direction and a number of other important parameters.

By the way, there are quite a large number of types and types of logos.

For example, how the most basic can be distinguished:

  1. Text logos – are developed on the basis of one or another text font. Additional effects can be used. Example: trademarks of Microsoft, IBM, Sony.
  2. Illustrative logos – graphically, in the form of more or less stylized pictures, illustrate the activities of your company, so to speak directly. For example, for construction companies, logos often contain an image of a trowel or a construction crane.
  3. Graphic (abstract) logos – consist of graphic elements, abstract graphic symbols. Most often, at first, they do not evoke certain associations among clients. And only over time (as a result of an active advertising campaign, including) they begin to associate with the image of this company. For example: Opel, Nike, Mercedes.

WebRost designers will be happy to assist you in the design and creation of a logo, from its idea and sketch to a finished piece of graphic art.

By the way, even if your company has existed for a long time, even then you may need a service to create a new logo and change it. For example, your initial choice was the wrong one and the logo does not bring the expected marketing effect. Or society (its tendencies, tastes) has changed. Or it suddenly turned out that your logo, once created with such difficulty, infringes on the rights of already existing registered marks.

Website corporate identity

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