Why Your Website Needs SEO Maintenance

Why Your Website Needs SEO Maintenance

Everyone knows by now that SEO is important. In fact, it is one of the most important steps to consider when putting your business on the map. SEO maintenance is just as important as maintaining a website, which is something you should always be aware of. Whether it’s a local SEO in Vancouver or globally, any business that relies on lead generation to drum interest does not go too far without having search engines leading those leads to them.

Wise people may already be adding all sorts of meta tags, engaging in social media and using proper backlinking along with all the other available SEO tricks. We all strive to reach the top of Google, Yahoo, Bing and all the other search engines available. Once we’re there, we can just leave it at that and move on, right? Wrong. SEO, like everything else in life, dies over time and needs constant attention.

SEO maintenance is important

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Once you’ve got your site up and running, all the smart code and dynamic database built into your pages will be pure static html. This allows the search engine to be able to send “spider bots” to crawl your website’s skeleton from top to bottom. By doing this, these spiders collect the necessary data for the algorithms that the companies have developed.

These companies then use this data to assign a rating to your site that determines how well it ranks in the search results. Every business has its own focus, but the highlights you need to be aware of are pretty much the same. Here is a list of some of the things that search engine spiders look for:

– Is your site code written in the latest HTML5 language?

– Does it comply with the schedule rules?

– Is the code optimized?

– Has anything changed in the last few days / months?

– Are there any dead connections?

– Is there an authoritative link?

– Are there dead pages that were not loaded?

– How slow was the site loading?

This is just a brief summary of what search engines are looking for. If any of these are not done correctly, your competitors will sit on top of you in the search ranking if they did their homework and nailed their SEO. To help you get the most out of your SEO and rank higher than the competition, we have put together a few important tips that you should always keep in mind when tackling your site’s SEO setup.

1. Constantly update your site

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When your site is constantly updated, search engines tend to like it more. This is because search engines tend to look unfavorable on stagnant sites. These companies always strive to provide the most relevant information to its users.

If search engine spiders notice that you are routinely updating your pages, they assume that you are constantly providing relevant, up-to-date information. They then treat these pages more favorably than pages that have been the same for long periods of time. Content freshness is a big factor that search engines are aware of, so keeping things fresh always helps you get ahead.

2. Improve the loading speed of the site

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One of the most important things that search engines look for is how long it takes the pages on your site to load. A page that loads faster will usually end up getting higher in results. You should also try to ensure that your site is optimized for – and loads quickly on – mobile devices.

Search engines focus on this because they assume that if your site takes a long time to load, users will end up going elsewhere. And they’re right. Using a content delivery network helps speed things up, as does using smaller images or minimizing your code. You can also try switching to another hosting service, which can have a big impact, believe it or not.

3. Fine-tune your link building

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It is important to ensure that your inbound links point straight to all your pages. When you spread your focus and link to more than just a few key pages, search engines will generally rank your site better. Too many inbound links that highlight only a few pages can also trigger red flags, especially if the number suddenly explodes in a short amount of time. This kind of tactic will hurt you more in the long run.

Some search engines may even measure how fast links a site wins and automatically blacklist it if the rate is too high. This is done specifically to stop people playing the system. Instead of getting yourself in trouble, try expanding inbound links to cover a large number of pages on your site. This will not only help increase the overall authority of your site, but will also improve your backlink profile as a whole.

4. Do not forget internal and outbound links

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Outbound links are a huge benefit to SEO if done right. However, you need to make sure that you link to other sites that provide quality and relevant content to your site visitors. Just linking to a site that does not relate to your content only drags you further down the ranking. Search engines really seem to like .edu website links, but they still need to be implemented organically.

As for internal links, they are just as important as outbound links and backlinks. Linking relevant pages to each other on your own site is a key factor that can help with SEO keyword rankings. These links help search engines better understand the focus and content of each page. This in turn will allow search engines to categorize and rank your pages more appropriately. If you implement these links correctly, you will be able to increase or maintain your ranking more easily.

5. The importance of social media

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Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to SEO maintenance is your presence on social media. Search engines tend to see the major social platforms as ‘authority figures’. This means that search engines use links from social media sites to help determine the relevance and ranking of your site.

Social media feedback is more of a long-term goal that slowly helps improve your ranking. With this in mind, try adding a social media share line to your articles so your visitors can view your article with their social network. You should also include calls to action asking people to share your content if they like it. Every share you get helps maintain – and even improve – your position.

Other factors for local SEO in Vancouver

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Now that you know the basics of SEO maintenance, you are not out of the woods yet; there are many other factors to watch out for. One of these potentially annoying factors is running out of ‘SEO juice’. Even if you have performed a professional site with the most comprehensive SEO, any change to your site could potentially hurt your search engine performance.

Even small changes can have big consequences when it comes to SEO. These changes can be added, causing your site to slowly lose more of its strength each time. These changes include redesigning your site, changing a domain, or editing certain parts of your site.

For example, if for the past 10 years your site had a ‘Contact Us’ URL that looked like this –


But now with the redesigned website, it will be –


That URL looks much better, right? Unfortunately, this will cause some problems if you are not sufficiently aware of the SEO considerations involved in the URL change. The problem here is that these are considered by search engines as two completely different URLs even though they link to the same page. Let’s break down the problem that this type of web page change causes:

While the first link received a lot of recognition from search engines over the years, this recognition is not automatically transferred to the new link you created, simply because it is the same page inside. The search engines actually treat the new modified link as if it is a brand new web page address, and you guessed it, it starts SEO from scratch.

Can this problem be solved? Of course. A talented SEO professional knows exactly how to solve this and other SEO issues you may encounter. Leave a comment below and subscribe to our newsletter to find out how!

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