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12 tips for a ready-to-eat and grocery delivery website

In March 2020, the whole country was sent to their homes: someone was completely released, someone continued to work remotely. As a result, people are much less likely to go out and more often order ready-made meals and groceries at home. Already in the summer of 2020, Gazprombank analysts predicted that the market for online food sales by the end of 2020 will grow to 121 billion rubles (for comparison, their volume in 2019 was 42 billion). And this is not surprising – cafes and restaurants were closed, and the business of Yandex Food and Delivery Club went uphill. Seeing this, the catering owners decided to organize the delivery on their own. True, large aggregators still occupy more than a quarter of the market – 27.7%. And there is an explanation for this.

Delivery aggregators have convenient websites, mobile applications, online payment, loyalty programs and promotions, technical support and other services for customers, and newcomers to the delivery industry often cannot boast of the same. As a result, they lose orders, customers and profits. However, Anna Kupriyanova, a senior analyst at Gazprombank, suggests that the delivery market could grow 10 times by 2023. In 2020, we launched more than 10 food delivery websites and will share with you tips on how to make your profit grow as the market grows.

1 – Food delivery website design

Not only people are met by their clothes, but also websites. Minimalism is trending now:

  • the most simple button design;
  • using a palette of 2-3 basic colors (warm shades are better – they increase appetite);
  • simple fonts;
  • contrasting inscriptions.

We recommend to design the site in the corporate style of the company so that it is recognizable. In the header of the site, you need to indicate the phone number for communication, the address of the cafe or points of delivery, the company logo, add a shopping cart and a button for the navigation menu.

And yes, make sure that when they get to your site, the user is hungry!

2 – Menu in the menu

The most important thing on the website of a cafe, grocery store or food delivery service is the menu. In essence, it is the same as a catalog in an online store. And like any catalog, the menu should be as convenient as possible. You need categories, filters, sorting and selection of popular dishes.


Usually dishes are divided by cuisines (if applicable for a cafe): Japanese, Italian, American, etc. If it is food delivery, then by main categories: meat, milk, bakery products, etc. After the main sections, you need subsections: sets, rolls, sushi, gunkans, etc. If the subsection can be further divided into additional categories (hot rolls, baked rolls, classic rolls, etc.), do it, and customers will be grateful.

If the catalog is large, introduce advanced filtering by allergens, composition, weight, price, number of people, when it comes to kits.

Make a block with popular products or dishes so that a newbie on your site will immediately understand where to start getting to know your service. Group items by selections:

  • for vegetarians;
  • for fasting;
  • diet products;
  • spicy dishes;
  • no onions or garlic;
  • by events / holidays.

This will make it easier for customers to find and choose the right food. This will increase loyalty, expand your audience, and increase profits.

3 – Delicious serving

Since we are talking about food, the product needs to be designed so that the client involuntarily starts salivating and has a desire to buy everything right now. This requires juicy photos.

Ideal photo characteristics:

  • real – reflects the very dish that the client will receive;
  • high quality – light, high definition;
  • decorated – the background is white or black, there is space around the dish;
  • large – ideal if the client can enlarge the small photo and see the details.

Better to use real photographs of the dish (not renders) that the client will receive. To do this, you need to hire a professional photographer.

Burger delivery restaurant website

In addition to the photograph, the product card must contain:

  • the name of the dish is clear and accurate;
  • price – don’t forget to update;
  • description – short and emotional;
  • “Add to cart” button – noticeable and recognizable;
  • composition – in detail ingredients and calories;
  • weight – without packaging.

Serving food

Remember that the order is often made by a hungry person. You need to make him want to eat everything immediately.

4 – About the company

We put more trust in those we know. And when it comes to nutrition, people tend to check the information even more thoroughly. To be among the best, show your expertise: let the site contain photos and descriptions of not only food, but also cooks with a list of their regalia.

The level of trust in the institution increases openness: add a live broadcast from the kitchen to the site. Customers will be able to assess with their own eyes the cleanliness, compliance with sanitary standards by cooks, as well as the speed of food preparation. The pioneer of this approach in Russia was Dodo Pizza. On their website, you can select the cafe in which you made an order, and watch the preparation in real time.


We should also dwell on contact information. You are not interested in hiding it. Here are the contacts visitors expect to see on the food and grocery delivery service website:

  • place the phone number of the delivery and hotline in the header of the website in a prominent place;
  • also indicate the address of the cafe or pick-up points in the header and basement – your target audience is used to seeing them there;
  • it is also advisable to attach a map of the road – its place in the basement and on the contact page;
  • make your phone clickable, because more than half of visitors to food delivery sites visit them from their phone;
  • working hours and when you are ready to take the last order.

5 – Benefit

People love everything when it’s profitable. Food delivery is a very competitive niche. If the benefits aren’t clear, customers will go to competitors. Add discounts and promotions to the site:

  • discount for the first order;
  • discount on the referral link;
  • loyalty program bonuses
  • combo sets.

Gift for a subscription

The conditions for granting a discount must be described in detail. To ensure that customers do not pass by a profitable offer, display it on banners or create an additional catalog with promotional goods.

6 – Services on the site

Your focus should be on user-friendliness. If the site is inconvenient, they will not use it. Configure additional services on the site:

  • choice of payment: online (cards, ApplePay, GooglePay, SberPay), bonuses, cash or card to the courier;
  • tracking delivery – a hungry person is impatient, to calm him down, notify about the status of his order: accepted, preparing, going, on the way;
  • entertainment – keep the client busy while he is waiting; Stories, which are increasingly being integrated into sites of various topics, will cope with this. This will improve behavioral factors and strengthen the customer’s bond with your brand if the content is useful.

7 – Honest reviews

People are more likely to trust the services they recommend. Testimonials will become such a recommendation if you place them on your page or in the application. This increases customer loyalty, convinces them of high quality products and encourages them to buy.

Set up the ability to leave reviews after purchase and remind about it with PUSH messages after confirmation of order delivery. This will increase the number of positive reviews on the site, since people often forget to write about the good, but they will always come to tell about the bad.

You need to work with negative reviews, you cannot leave them unanswered. The client needs to be shown that they care about him, his opinion is important, and the company strives to improve the service. People not participating in the dispute will see how you solve conflict situations and that you draw conclusions from mistakes.

Where to collect reviews:

  • on the site through the feedback form;
  • on review sites;
  • in Yandex Maps and Google Maps;
  • in aggregators – for example, Yandex Food and DeliveryClub;
  • in social networks.

Reviews and opinions

MyBox has a whole landing page dedicated to feedback – https://mybox24.ru/.

8 – Snap to place

Most people are looking for a place to eat nearby. The same applies to delivery: no one is interested in choosing a basket of food, and then finding out that it is delivered only in another city. Therefore, any delivery service needs a link to the city. If there are branches in several cities, then you need to be able to choose the one you need.

Snap to place

We wrote about how to set up a binding to a region in different search engines in articles about site optimization for Yandex and features of site optimization for Google.

9 – Conditions for large clients

Delivery services for groceries and ready-made meals often forget about large customers, but in vain. It is worth dividing the terms for corporate and private clients.

Additional service options for corporate clients:

  • discount from a certain amount or number of items of the same type;
  • special delivery conditions;
  • the possibility of pre-order;
  • large combo sets / business lunches.

Information about the conditions must be posted on the website. This will increase not only the number of customers, but also the average check.

Conditions for large clients

10 – How not to get lost in the search results

The number of food delivery services is growing every day, not all of them will reach customers at all. Correct setting of SEO parameters for the delivery service will help them see exactly you:

  • select and set parameters for e-commerce analysis in Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics;
  • collect search queries and optimize pages for them;
  • linking your account to social networks and adding a share button;
  • creating cards in Yandex. Directory and Google My Business.

For the site to work steadily, you need to conduct an audit at least 1 time in 6 months. So it turns out to identify and correct errors in a timely manner, which means that the client can always place an order.

It is important that in this niche SEO is not the main source of traffic. Advertising is a more promising channel for attracting customers. It can be like contextual advertising on search, image advertising in Yandex and Google advertising networks, and targeted in social networks.

11 – Live people in touch

The client cannot be left unattended, therefore each delivery service needs consultants. There are four ways to organize a technical support service:

  • online chat on the website or in the application;
  • hotline telephone;
  • accounts on social networks, where they promptly respond to comments;
  • messengers.

Communication with the client

All means of communication should be prominently displayed. Do not forget to assign people responsible for communication in online channels. We recommend that the managers themselves be trained not only in scripts, but also in methods of resolving conflicts, working with objections. Good oral and written speech is also important. Of course, blundering answers may give you some virality, but this is hardly the notoriety you are counting on.

12 – Free assistant

There are questions that your operators receive every day. To prevent them from overgrowing with plumage, repeating the same thing every day, set up a chat bot. For a grocery and food delivery service, this is an opportunity to greatly relieve staff and provide customers with quick answers, even when consultants are not on the spot.

The following scenarios can be developed:

  • placing an order;
  • sending menus and conditions of loyalty programs;
  • communication with a courier or operator;
  • informing about the work schedule of pick-up points;
  • other.

Delivery service in 12 steps and 8 days

In fact, these 12 steps are important, but not the only steps to set up a food delivery service. You will need a convenient order management system, basic SEO optimization to get into search results, advertising to attract customers, and many other technical nuances. It is difficult for a business owner to take into account all of them on their own, and giving all technical support to freelancers is scary.

Want to quickly launch a grocery delivery business and generate income right away? We have a ready-made solution for you. It will take only a week from the beginning of the development of the site to its launch. You will receive a working delivery site with support from our specialists throughout the year. Follow the link and start making money on the delivery of groceries in 8 days.

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