13 cool websites: how to make them even better

Blindly copying someone else’s work is, of course, a bad idea. But you can be inspired by successful finds and try to adapt them for your project.

In this article, you will see 13 websites with really cool designs.

To paraphrase Chekhov: everything should be great on a website – design, navigation, fonts, and images. It should be user-friendly, functional, targeted at the target audience. And all this is made up of many little things.

Try to consider the examples below from this very position – pay attention not only to the big picture, but also to the details that make up it.

So let’s go:

Paul Stuart, online store

The home page grabs visitors’ attention with two elements. Firstly, these are bright, juicy images of ties. In general, ties are a rather boring subject, so we must pay tribute to the skill of the photographer – these pictures are eye-catching. Second, the short text on the right explains that this is a new summer collection – exactly what buyers are looking for.

Something worth working on: the size of the call-to-action button. Did you even notice her?

TutorSync, an online learning center

Value proposition: “Simple. Conveniently. Accessible ”is short and engaging, albeit somewhat blurry. Benefits and features are clearly articulated and presented in separate blocks. A nice smiling girl in the background is always useful.

What can be improved: It is advisable to show teachers and students in the process. Perhaps more specific value proposition.

online learning center with cool design

Laural Home, furniture store

The combination of warm colors and anti-aliased fonts creates a feeling of comfort and coziness. Several lucrative offers and calls to action at once:

  • Buy a product with a 40% discount;
  • Subscribe to the newsletter and get 10% discount on your first order;
  • Place an order over $ 50 and get free shipping;
  • 20% discount on new sizes.

What can be changed: Add an end date for the “40% Discount” promotion to encourage visitors to make an early decision.

Laural Home furniture store with a cool design

Linguistiko, language center

The main image (more precisely, the background video) immediately immerses you in the atmosphere of the classroom. And in combination with the short slogan “Speak English like a professional” it makes it clear from the first seconds where you got to.

What can be changed: Add information about why it is important to know the language from a professional point of view, or how many people are learning a second foreign language for work. This will help to focus on the benefits and relevance of the courses.

Linguistiko, a language center with a cool design

Laura Jayne Bridal Design

In the wedding business, it is extremely important to establish friendly relations with the target audience, with the brides. Sales directly depend on this. And the site does an excellent job with this task.

What can be added: individual images and CTAs that would invite you to buy hair accessories, or at least just see which accessories match a particular outfit.

Sample site with cool design by Laura Jayne Bridal Design

Fashion Delivery, online fashion store

The original “cartoonish” design creates a unique atmosphere. There is a powerful feature – delivery of goods on the same day. And a special timer shows buyers how much time is left until the end of the promotion – the fear of missing out on profits, as you know, spurs them on.

What can be changed: Add a phone number on the first screen so that visitors can quickly ask questions about orders.

Fashion Delivery online store website with cool design

Heal your life

If you are looking for a life boost, you have come to the right place. Here are meditations, articles, audio, video, articles from blogs, and much more. Multiple goals in one fell swoop: entertainment and educational content plus an online store.

What can be changed: Add the number of community subscribers in the call to register at the very top of the page. Such a trick will work as an element of social proof.

Heal your life - an example site with a cool design


The site has a lot of interesting things: links to publications with product reviews, an impressive video, answers to frequently asked questions. And this despite the fact that the product has not yet gone on sale! Above the fold – nothing more. Only a picture of the product (in the palm of your hand, so you can estimate the real size), and a short slogan. “Camera. Reinvented. “

Lily.Camera - an example of a website with a cool design

By the way, if someone does not understand – we are talking about a flying drone equipped with a video camera. The idea of ​​this invention is very clearly shown in one of the illustrations on the site:

One of the coolest illustrations on the site

What can be changed: Add more product images to show it in action.

Dallas Apartment, property rental

Direct response sites don’t have to be sweet, they just need to sell. But this site has managed to do divine direct response marketing. The company skillfully plays on the desire of people to get everything at once: on the main page there are phones, opening hours, and STA calls on to call the main office right now.

For those who are in no hurry, there is a button “Search today”. Slogan “Luxury apartments. We have been working since 1997 ”adds solidity.

What you can change: The main image with a call to action – add an image of an apartment that can be rented today.

Barre 3, a network of fitness centers

Visitors come to the site in varying degrees of readiness to purchase. Someone is ready to buy right now, while others are only interested in information about a product or service. This site will cater to both categories of visitors.

There is information on the location of the halls for those who want to start classes right now. Nearby offer online workouts for homework. For all other visitors, information and all sorts of fashionable things.

What can be changed: add training photos.

Sample site with cool design from Dallas Apartment, real estate rental

Home grown cow, organic food store

It’s hard to be both informative and funny, but these Home grown cow guys did it. Here you can buy farm products, including fresh meat. The text “Chicks your grandmother will love” shows that the company cares about quality and supports family values.

What can be changed: This begs a link to special offers, including limited ones.

An example of a website with a cool design from Home grown cow, an eco food store


These are online math courses. For those looking for more information, there are links to a tutorial page, about a company, a blog, and a Q&A section. It is easy for the target audience to understand what the site is offering. Information is presented in an accessible and humorous way.

What can be changed: add statistics on graduates and how the knowledge gained helped them in life.

Website with cool design Mathalicious

Bean & Bite

From the first minutes there is a feeling that you are in a real restaurant and leaf through the menu. This style is preserved on all pages of the site, which is really original.

There is all the information you need, useful content and even a place for suggestions from customers. You can subscribe and become a member of the community, find the nearest restaurant of the chain on the map.

What can be changed: move the subscription form and search for the nearest establishment higher or in the center.

Sample site with cool design from Bean & Bite

Get inspired, test and get high conversions!

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