Effective landing page design: types, chips, ideas

This article provides tips, ideas, and techniques to help you create a conversion landing page.

Preliminary questions

Before developing a landing page, answer the questions:

What do you expect from your visitors?

  • Fill out a lead form.
  • Subscribe to the newsletter.
  • Buy a product.

What do you suggest?

  • A simple product (jeans, candy or office furniture).
  • Complex product (training, course, legal services).

Who are you suggesting this to? The better you understand who your target audience is and what they want, the more likely you are to please them.

Landing Page Tips

Exact title

The page title communicates the main idea – the value proposition.

Simple design

Leave excess creativity to art installations. Comprehensibility, easy navigation and nothing more. The landing page designer’s motto is “brevity is the sister of talent” For example, users hate pop-ups.

Connection with an advertising campaign

Do not send the user to the home page of the site, show him immediately the product he was looking for. This approach not only improves conversion, but also saves your advertising budget.

Explanatory video

Make a video about the benefits of your product, especially if you’re selling something more complex than a hamburger. According to YouTube, the average user spends about 15 seconds on video. It is better if the video is of good quality and does not “burden” the page. Cartoon videos and infographics work well.

Effective landing page design - video and animation

Focus on the user

We all love it when they talk about us, but other people’s bragging is not very much. Explain the benefits to the visitor. Show exactly how you will help.

Fewer exit points

Limit escape attempts. It’s a matter of courtesy – to leave the door open, not to make you suffer with scrolling and back buttons, especially in mobile versions. But be careful: fix the visitor’s attention on your offer. Therefore – a minimum of links.

Do not chase sizes

A correct landing page contains just enough information to interest the visitor. The narrower the targeting, the higher the chance that the user will click on the coveted CTA (call to action) button.

Relevant pictures

How can you promise quality if you use bad pictures? Forget free stock images. Beautiful pictures on the topic are like good expensive clothes that you meet.

Effective landing page design - images

Ease of action

Don’t hide forms and CTA buttons. Let the visitor make a decision at any time. Place these elements throughout the page – without intrusiveness, but always at hand.

Correct colors

Learn how colors affect people and what associations they cause. Match with your target audience. Correctly selected colors increase landing page conversion.

The Psychology of Color in Business: Does Color Affect Conversions?

Effective landing page design - psychology of color


Reviews are the key to trust. For 70% of people, the opinion of those who use the product is important.

Effective landing page design - reviews


Mobile traffic can double conversions. And now it is up to 60-80% in some niches. Customize your landing page for mobile phones and tablets.

Say thank you

The user performed the target action. Thank him. And offer related products or services at the same time. Courtesy and increased conversion in one bottle.

Effective landing page design - thanks for the targeted action

Loading time

If the landing page takes a long time to load, users will not wait, but will go to competitors. The result is empty clicks, loss of targeted traffic. A good landing page is a “lightweight” landing page.

Little details that are invisible at first glance create a working landing page and its flawless design.

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