How to improve website performance: 7 common mistakes

You don’t have to make revolutionary changes to improve your site’s performance. Most often, it is enough to fix simple mistakes. Simple but very dangerous. Because they drastically reduce the conversion rate of your resource.

Multiple CTAs (Calls to Action)

If there are multiple goals on the page, the user can get lost. Think of yourself in a store in front of a rack with a bunch of similar items. When “eyes widen”, it creates discomfort and a desire to leave the choice. Likewise online: calculate the price, order a call or call a measurer?

What should the client do? There is no clear goal. This is fraught with the “showcase effect” – to take a look and leave. There, where there will be a more understandable sequence of actions. The “1 page – 1 goal” rule doesn’t just work on landing pages. Multi-page websites and online stores are no exception.

In addition, the visitor should have an understanding of what will happen after the targeted action is taken. Who will call or write to him and after what time? When will he receive his order? Finally, why does he leave contact details? In the example below, this remains a mystery.

Improving website performance through calls to action

CTA element merges into background

There is no ideal color, it all depends on the psychology of the target audience and the characteristics of the product. The call-to-action button should stand out a lot from the rest of the elements.

Blue is associated with confidence, safety and professionalism. It is often used in the high-tech niche, as well as social networks (VKontakte and Facebook), where it is important to convey a guarantee of personal data protection.

Green is the most pleasant color. Inspires reliability and prospects. Therefore, banking sites love it so much.

Red is appropriate in “quick” sales, where decisions are made on emotions, with the call “right now”.

Orange grabs attention and encourages action. “Favorite” of online stores.

Amazon example:

CTA elements should be contrasting for efficiency

Purple works great for a female audience.

The offer does not give a quick answer what you are doing

An offer is a unique selling proposition. Most often placed in the page title. Even if you did not find a detuning from competitors, the essence of your proposal should be clear in 2-3 seconds.

The luxury real estate selection company is silent about this:

To be more effective, the offer must be informative

Who are they: developers, landlords or realtors? It’s incomprehensible at first glance. The expression “select collection” is more appropriate for an online clothing store.

Avoid pretentious phrases. A commercial site is not a poetry forum.

Bad typography

No one will understand the small, unreadable font. An example of the Pegasus service:

Improving efficiency with typography

These guys have at least a bulleted list of benefits. And how many sites with “footcloths” optimized for SEO texts with a full set of stamps (wide assortment, reasonable prices, a professional team, a dynamically developing company, etc.)! And all in small print.

Find out how multi-landings increase conversions.

The image is not prompting for action

Attractive, high quality images fuel interest and prompt decision.

Well-known trick: the hero’s directed gaze at the offer or the CTA button

How to improve efficiency with images

But in another example, on the contrary, attention is riveted to the picture with the diagrams on the left.

How to improve efficiency with images

This common mistake dramatically lowers conversions.

Reviews cause distrust

Needless to say, there is such a sin behind many businesses. Fake reviews not only spoil the impression of the site, they spoil the reputation. If there is only text, do not try to “glue” a fake photo to it.

This is very noticeable, as in the following example:

Reviews must be credible to be effective

The company sells lumber. And young people are not drawn to typical buyers of boards and beams. Among the satisfied buyers there are always 3-4 people who agree to write a review and provide a photo. One has only to ask)

Passion for special effects

Web 2.0 technology with such features as parallax is not always “in the subject”. Excessive zeal of designers can play a cruel joke. On the website of one of the producers of organic products, pies “fly out” at you.

In addition, the picture is in a very large resolution:

Minimum special effects to improve efficiency

Yes, pop-ups and flying elements of the page grab attention. But this attention will go to waste if there is no benefit for the client behind the beautiful effect.

High sales to you!

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