Online store navigation: 11 unusual examples

We all know what a typical online store looks like. But who said it was forbidden to experiment?

In this article, we have collected examples of how you can attract more customers using an unusual navigation system and other non-standard interface elements. In the process of choosing and buying a product, something new and fresh is introduced.

According to the agency Econsultancy, more convenient, advanced navigation of the online store brings 22% more sales.

So, we look and adopt the coolest examples.

Drug Store for Very Important Issues

A funny Dutch site sells placebos – cures for Very Important Problems plaguing those who have nothing else to do. The proceeds from the sale go to a fund to help HIV-infected people.

For example, here are the pills that will turn you into Mr. Gray from 50 Shades of Gray:

Funny and 100% memorable.

Ted Baker’s Virtual Store

“You give reality in virtual!” – thought Ted Baker and opened a real store on the Internet. The main page is a 360-degree panorama allowing visitors to walk between the rows of clothes.

An example of Ted Baker's online store navigation

You can go deep into the room, and if you like something from the things, just click and the item will be in the basket.

Online fashion store Fat Face

One has only to hover the cursor over some thing:

Fat Face online store navigation example

How it will appear in a separate enlarged window. You can immediately select the color, size and add the item to the basket.

Another example of Fat Face online store navigation

Zara store

The site has an original search form. When you enter something into the search bar, the rest of the site’s content disappears.

An example of navigation of the online store Zara

But soon all possible search results are loaded. For example, on the word pocket:

Another example of the navigation of the online store Zara

Zara believes that finding and choosing clothes is not the same as choosing a TV from a catalog. The choice of clothes is influenced by inspiration, impulse, impulse. Therefore, the search function should not be a secondary tool.

True, there is a small disadvantage in this approach: disappearing content can scare the visitor – what if he thinks that the site is corny broken?

Pull & Bear store

It looks like the same design team worked on the Pull & Bear youth clothing website. The difference is that as soon as you enter a product name into the search bar, the site immediately offers several things:

Pull Bear online store navigation example

It is very comfortable. You can navigate between the search results using the arrows, and to clear the field, just click on the cross in the upper right corner.

Mendo Bookstore

Each product has several pages in the description. But on every page there is an “Add to cart” button. It’s very convenient – you don’t have to go back to the very beginning.

An example of navigation of an online store Mendo

Music goods store B&O Play

A beautiful video plays in the background on the home page as you scroll at your own pace and browse through the products.

An example of navigation of the online store B&O Play

Brickfielder golf apparel brand

Product benefits are shown using an interactive map in the spirit of spy shooters. Very impressive.

Example of navigation of the online store Brickfielder

Whistles contemporary clothing store

On the main page, the menu is minimalistic, buttons with calls to action are generally gray in color. Images of people are highlighted when you hover over them. But the product categories are highlighted with a large yellow cross. Suddenly. And it catches the eye.

An example of Whistles online store navigation

Sportswear shop Bjorn Borg

The idea is very simple: as you swipe back and forth, reflective products reflect light directly onto the screen.

An example of the navigation of the online store Bjorn Borg

Designer furniture Mack

A familiar trick is used here – when you hover over an item, you immediately see the price and the Add to Cart button. If you wish, you can buy the whole room as a whole.

Mack online store navigation example

As you can see, there is no limit to perfection in interface design. Use these techniques, experiment and get you high sales!

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