Redesign and development of new website design

Nothing stands still! Over time, the design of your site may require updating, revision and modernization.

The role of website redesign (full or partial) is very significant, since without the planned modernization a web resource can damage the image of the organization.

When is a website redesign needed?

Everybody needs a website redesign periodically. For example, if a company changes its corporate identity or makes a rebranding, then the logical continuation of the changes will be a complete redesign of the site.

In the case of a decrease in traffic to the site (which inevitably leads to a decrease in orders), you should also think about a full or partial redesign. In order to improve the usability of the site or its visual appeal.

It is worth checking the sites of your competitors – suddenly your design “loses” to them. In this case, it is worth reworking the appearance of your resource. In other words, we need an urgent website redesign!

Website redesign can not only give some freshness to the image of your company, but also attract new users who are likely to become your clients or partners.

Remember that the first user sees the site design. And it is very important that the new look of the web resource leaves a favorable impression!

What does a website redesign include?

If we talk about the so-called “complete” redesign of the site, and the amount of work that needs to be done in this case, then in fact, we are talking about creating a new site and transferring existing content to it – articles, goods, news archive, photos, etc. etc.

At the same time, the redesign of the site may entail an expansion of the site’s functionality and a qualitative update of the content. The structure of the site may change following the restructuring of the menu, for example.

It is especially important to carry out a complete redesign of large sites, which eventually begin to “slow down”. And a smarter and more modern software implementation will again make your site fast and user-friendly.

Naturally, the cost of such a complete website redesign can be almost comparable to the cost of developing a new Internet resource.

In the case of a partial website redesign, only some of its elements may undergo changes. Sometimes it is enough to change the color scheme and fonts to make your site “sparkle with new colors” in the literal sense of these words. Or, for example, change the logo, add beautiful slideshows to the pages …

A partial redesign may also include the development or connection of new elements of the site’s functionality. For example, an on-line consultant, a block for posting reviews about your services or an on-line payment system.

In a word, a website redesign is a complex of work on the graphic improvement of the website, with possible changes in the structure of the website and its content. The redesign is intended only to improve the site and make it easier for the user to work on it.

Studio “WebRost” offers services for the full and partial redesign of sites, and is also ready to assist you in:

Website redesign

Website redesign price: inexpensive or high quality?

As already mentioned, a complete website redesign is unlikely to cost you very little. Still, the amount of work in this case is quite impressive. But a partial redesign of the site is inexpensive – it is already quite possible. After all, the price of such a website redesign depends only on the complexity and number of changes to your Internet resource ordered by you.

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