Effective split screen design techniques

One of the most notable web site design trends of 2017 is splitting the screen into two. More and more web projects use this layout option, where two vertical panels are placed next to each other. Split Screen Design follows a very simple rule: one screen, two messages. Each side includes a separate element: photo,…


10 principles of effective web design

In this article, you will learn about the main principles of effective web design – about patterns of user behavior, how to simplify the process of perceiving information and how to unobtrusively lead them to targeted actions (transitions, requests, orders). Key features of the behavior of Internet users: – They value quality and useful content….


Effective landing page design: types, chips, ideas

This article provides tips, ideas, and techniques to help you create a conversion landing page. Preliminary questions Before developing a landing page, answer the questions: What do you expect from your visitors? Fill out a lead form. Subscribe to the newsletter. Buy a product. What do you suggest? A simple product (jeans, candy or office…