6 Tips for Building One Page Websites

One page websites are becoming popular and trendy now – there is no doubt about that, although they are not suitable for every topic or organization. However, if done correctly, your project can be very successful. When creating a landing page, as a rule, it does not have a large amount and volume of content….


How to make a perfect landing page – developing a landing page design on the example of successful sites

There is nothing more exciting to work on a website than when all the specialists join forces to create the perfect new landing page or home page for a web project. Designers, illustrators, marketers, programmers, and even the strategic management department – all work as a single team. During development, some SEO details are added,…


Effective landing page design: types, chips, ideas

This article provides tips, ideas, and techniques to help you create a conversion landing page. Preliminary questions Before developing a landing page, answer the questions: What do you expect from your visitors? Fill out a lead form. Subscribe to the newsletter. Buy a product. What do you suggest? A simple product (jeans, candy or office…