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One of the initial stages in the development and launch of any business project on the Internet is the web site design. The success of your business will depend to a certain extent on his personality. After all, as a person who has a bright, memorable appearance will always stand out among the crowd of people, so web pages should be unique and inimitable so as not to get lost on the World Wide Web. That is why it is worth paying attention to the creation of a website design, trusting only professionals in this matter.

What does website design include?

Web design is very different from conventional print design. Website design is usually a specific process that takes into account various requirements, not only artistic, but also technical. This process can include several stages:

  • development of an attractive, easily perceived design of the start page, as well as other sections and subsequent levels (including various forms of registrations, baskets, etc.);
  • development and approval of a well-thought-out structure of the entire site;
  • designing convenient, fairly simple site navigation;
  • correctly positioned text on pages;
  • availability of opportunities for simple support and site expansion.

What design to choose when creating a website?

When creating a website design, be sure to take into account its theme.

So, a site with a commercial focus should attract the attention of visitors with its memorable look and corporate style, which is inherent in your company. And, at the same time, to be convenient and contain all the information the user needs about you and your goods and services. Not to mention the fact that such a site welcomes various forms of receiving on-line consultations, placing orders, etc. The presence of such functions and their intuitive clarity and accessibility for the site user significantly increases what is commonly called “site conversion”. Those. to what extent your site will be “selling”, and whether it will be able not only to be an analogue of your company’s business card on the Internet, but also to attract new, by no means virtual, clients for your business. Therefore, the creation of a site design of this kind should be carried out very carefully in order to fully reflect the individuality of the company’s image.

Sometimes it is recommended to adhere to a laconic style that can emphasize your uniqueness and stability as a company. In other cases (for example, when it comes to the websites of wedding agencies), a certain romance and tenderness of the color scheme combined with joyful, bright elements is considered good form. And sites addressed to potential customers with extraordinary requests simply must differ in a unique, sometimes very extravagant design (while maintaining, nevertheless, the basic principles of good usability – simplicity and ease of use of your Internet resource).

If you plan, for example, to launch an information site, then its decoration should be kept in a strict style, without flashy colors, since in this case it is the content that is more important than the design.

However, the last statement is true for any site. After all, sometimes it doesn’t matter how beautiful the wrapper is, if instead of a candy inside the user finds a dummy. The content of the site, its content and how convenient it is for the user to receive the information he needs on your site is the most important thing! Alas, in the Russian Internet zone, 9 out of 10 sites (even with an excellent initial design) are simply “killed” by inadequate or uninteresting content for the user. And then, simply, his absence.

Web design when creating websites: beauty or functionality?

When creating a design for a future site, it is important to remember, first of all, about the functionality and the tasks that the future site will have to solve. And, therefore, remember about those for whom you are creating it – about future users. An overly elaborate design or an inconvenient menu, the difficulty of finding the necessary information on the site – this can lead to the fact that your visitor will go to other sites. Those. to your competitors.

A user of the Internet network often does not care about the design delights or the “coolness” of the programmer who has implemented non-standard site navigation, which sometimes cannot be figured out without additional instructions. A site visitor came to you for information. And it is important, first of all, how quickly he found her, how much she satisfied his needs, how much she helped in solving him, the user of the problem.

Then the site will be remembered, and the visitor will not only return to you himself, but, possibly, will bring friends.

A good web designer is not only, and not so much an artist, but a very thoughtful and experienced designer of Internet resources that will attract attention, while remaining convenient and in demand within the framework of your marketing policy.

Important! The specialist who creates the site design does not paint a picture just to hang it on the wall and admire it. It creates a visual shell for a software product. In accordance with the laws of usability, perception, etc.

And good web design is when nothing is superfluous. And when nothing can be removed without sacrificing functionality.

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