Why creative web design is killing website conversions

Do you know there is a war going on between designers and marketers? While virtual) The fact is that cool effects in the interface can disgust users instead of admiration. The result is good buy, conversion.

There is nothing wrong with the very tricks of creative web design. While they help visitors to better navigate the site, find the information they need faster and more clearly convey the benefits of the trade proposal. But creativity for the sake of creativity only plays a negative.

Therefore, before ordering fashionable “bells and whistles”, carefully read this article. You will learn how to find a balance between beauty and online sales. With an analysis of good and bad examples. So let’s go.

Leave the wheel alone

In taste and color, as they say, all markers are different. Each of us is a bit of a designer and has our own opinion on how a good online store should look like. Every second webmaster can play with fonts, play with images and layering, and that’s good. Just not to go too far, as on the bourgeois website Lings cars:

A terrible vinaigrette of links, banners, videos) Where to look, what to reap – eyes run up.

However, minimalism is also not always good. It’s not clear what this landing page offers:

Minimalism in landing page design

Perhaps the screen “under the fold” will clarify something? Alas, too “mnogabukaf”, it is very difficult to master:

Too long text on the landing page

It turns out that you can buy everything here. From bike to helicopter. But buying somehow does not pull, especially after viewing the catalog)

Online store catalog

In Runet, you probably saw a bunch of such “footcloths”, which you don’t even want to read.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Give your visitors what they want – quickly and easily choose the product of interest. 99% of users come from advertising for specific requests, with specific needs, and they do not have time to sort out such a dump.

Start with a prototype

Users prefer sites that are simple and familiar, and the decision “like or dislike” users make in just 3-5 seconds after landing. The first impression is responsible for whether the person stays or closes the tab. If expectations do not match reality, do not expect a flurry of calls and requests.

Terrible web design

You’re in luck, you only see the screenshot. In reality, the site is even worse – the colors shimmer and cause bleeding from the eyes.

Anyone can imagine a prototype of a “normal” site. Most likely it will be something like:

Site prototype

This is a standard template that fits most sites from an online store to a veterinarian page. On the left is the text, on the right is the sidebar with widgets and CTA. This is how most blogs look, we are used to this template, it does not cause rejection in us. On the contrary, the hand habitually reaches to the right to subscribe to news or scroll below.

When planning to play with templates, keep the prototype in your head so as not to fly away into the cosmic jungle. Variations of the familiar can be as follows:

Website prototype options

Don’t forget to discount your target audience. If your clients are creative people, you can try to surprise them with something like this:

Creative web design

Don’t make users puzzle

The location and size of individual elements of the site (logo, navigation, search bar, icons, button style) have long been regulated by unspoken rules.

Symbols in the interface of sites

Users simply won’t understand unfamiliar characters. Do not force them to puzzle over what this or that “stray” means. The more complex your site is, the easier it is for a user to leave it.

Before embodying bold ideas and pushing the main elements in unexpected places, imagine yourself in the client’s place. The simpler, the more effective.

Uber example:

Uber Landing Page

Instead of a conclusion

Creative web design has the right to exist only in one case: when it improves the user experience – it makes information easier to perceive and helps to complete the targeted action.

High conversions for you!

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