Why does business need UX design

UX (user experience) or user experience refers to how a person feels when interacting with an object. For the web interface, this is not only the ease of orientation, but also the perception of value through the content. Taken together, UX design is a complex system that takes into account every detail: from the ease of filling out an application form to an intuitive structure of sections.

Previously, design was based on what the customer wants, on his tastes and values. User expirience turned the situation upside down: now all attention is on the user (client), his psychology, needs and expectations. There is an expression: “The site is no longer a showcase for your business, this is your business.” As the user perceives the site, so he relates to the product.

In this article, you will learn three key UX design points that will help improve the user experience and, accordingly, increase the conversion of your resource.

Questions UX Design Solves

  • Setting project goals: why do you need a site (collection of contacts, direct sales, information resource, etc.)
  • Development of the most convenient product for the target audience
  • Result analysis – usability testing, to what extent the resource meets the set goals and is easy to use.

The development elements schematically look like this:

As you can see, the process includes not only visuals, but also information architecture design with subsequent functionality analysis.

An important point: user experience is not equal to usability. A UX designer is like a general designer, and a usability tester is like a test pilot. The latter answers the question “How convenient?”, And the designer decides “How to make it convenient and efficient?”

For which projects is User experience vital

  • Complex systems. First of all, these are online stores, where there are many points of interaction. Particular attention should be paid to the process of product selection and ordering. Typically, this stage has the highest level of user stress. The result is a high bounce rate, including abandoned carts and abandoned payments. See how the process is organized by leading retailers. They are constantly improving the UX. For example Amazon:

Complex UX Design Systems

  • Startups. First of all, these are online services. The most successful projects use the following model: create a product – get feedback from users – make improvements based on the feedback received.

3 Key Points to Improve Your User Experience

  • Content for people. Contrary to forecasts, SEO is not dying and will live happily ever after. However, the first thing a UX designer thinks about is how users will perceive the information. Focus on content value:

The value of content in UX design

  • Perceived load time is more important than actual… An interesting point: the degree of satisfaction with a resource affects the perception of the speed of its work. If the site is full of “water”, it seems to the user that he “slows down”. Conversely, if the content exactly fits the visitor’s need, then even slow loading will seem less critical.
  • The details are everything. The UX designer defines the purpose, goals and functionality of the resource (macro UX). At the same time, the end user is “hooked” by details (micro UX): they provide an emotional response. The differences between the two directions look like this:

Details in UX design are everything

Some trace elements of the user experience:

  • Hover effects… Tooltips, movement, zoom (image enlargement) – all this increases user engagement. An example of a Reebok online store:

Hover effects in UX design

  • Interactive product demo… A technique that is especially relevant for high-tech goods (these are dynamic images using video or gif-animation). Example of a biker outfit store:

Interactive product demonstration in UX design

Or demonstration of models in an online clothing store:

Demonstrating Models in UX Design

  • Various product modifications. For example, choosing a color scheme right in the product card (handmade wallet store):

Various product modifications in UX design

Of course, these are just a few of the techniques for improving the user experience. To determine the ideal option for your audience, collect feedback, experiment, and high sales for you!

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